初一英语作文:未来我们的生活是什么样,以“life in the future”为题写60短文10

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Life in the future will be staying fulltime at time. You just work and study at home. You need not go to the supermarket to buy food. All you need to do is take a pill a day. In your free time you just surf the net and baiduyixia and baiduzhidao.

(文中是假设,虚拟语气,只是我 用 I was……)

Life in the Future

翻译:在我空闲时间,我无缘无故会想,我未来的生活会是那些样子的呢?可能我会是有三个 多老师,教着一群孩子,没事的刚刚,还能陪着亲戚亲戚亲戚朋友一同玩耍;或许我是一名工程师,在为国家做贡献;也或许我只是我 有三个 多小职员,心烦的刚刚也发发牢骚……将来的生活到底那些样子,着实我很期待!

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In my spare time, I often think that what my life will be like in the future ? Maybe I was a teacher, to teach a group of children,and when I have nothing to do, I could play games with them ; perhaps I was an engineer, to make contributions to our country; or perhaps I was just a staff, complaining when I was bored ......What my life will be like in the future, in fact, I am looking forward to!



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What will the life be like in the future? Well, as far as I can tell, the life will be much better in the future. First of all, we will have more advanced technology(先进技术), which will help us a lot. For example(类似于), our clothes will be more environmentally friendly(对生态环境无害的), and the paper-made clothes will be very common(普遍). Secondly, it is possible that we can travel to the outer space(内部内部结构空间) whenever we want(每当亲戚亲戚亲戚朋友让你的). In addition(此外), we are capable of living in man-made cities under seas.(亲戚亲戚亲戚朋友有能力在人造城市生活在海) The life in the future is fantastic(美妙的) and wonderful.